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Thank you for 10 years of sponsorship Scotiabank!

For more than 10 years, Scotiabank has been the presenting sponsor for the annual Passions gala - Vancouver's most popular food and wine event.

Their compassion and commitment to the organization has been instrumental in allowing us to continue providing comfort care to the people whose lives are impacted by HIV/AIDS, mental illness, addiction, poverty and discrimination.

Since 2010, they have contributed generously to the many programs and services we offer. Scotiabank’s leadership and commitment to the local community has had long term positive effects for so many of those that need help the most.  

We are extremely grateful for their continued leadership and ongoing commitment which has been instrumental to the success of Passions and to the well-being of so many. 

Thank you Scotiabank, for your long-standing partnership with the Dr. Peter Centre.

Learn more about Scotiabank here.