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“B.C. is seen as having the world’s gold standard to profoundly reduce HIV transmission and transition the crisis from a serious epidemic to a manageable chronic disease.” 

~ Health Minister Adrian Dix

HIV Today

HIV has come a long way.

It’s a good news/bad news story, with new vistas opening through scientific discovery, and yet there remain deep and sometimes unexpected societal challenges as the virus continues to spread among the most vulnerable of populations.

This is HIV today.

The emergence of antiretroviral medication stops HIV from continuing its path to AIDS. But it only works for those who take the drug consistently.

Canada is fortunate to be a wealthy country where the therapy is covered. Yet even with those advantages, the disease spreads and we still have a way to go to meet the World Health Organization’s 90/90/90 targets.

  • 90% of those infected, are aware they have the disease (current estimates show 17% of those infected in Canada remain unaware)
  • 90% of this group receives sustained antiretroviral therapy
  • 90% of those in therapy, experience virus suppression

The Dr. Peter Centre plays an active role in helping Canada meet these targets.

Here’s what’s underway.


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