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“I have a place to come where it will be safe for me, rather than just wandering the streets. The people that work here, I like. They’re very understanding.”

~ Day Health program participant

Areas of support

Clinical Care

Using the Harm Reduction approach

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Food Program

Nutrition & HIV

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Mental Health

Counselling, art therapy and more

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Inside the Dr. Peter Centre


The Dr. Peter Centre applies Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to address and support the physiological and psychological needs of all its participants.

These principles lead us to monitor medication, provide therapy and counselling, assist in building social connections and address related issues, such as housing and drug use. 

Hope returns

Behavioural change ebbs and flows, and yet the Centre always encourages participants to apply the principles of self-reliance and personal responsibility as part of their daily interactions at the Centre. This aids in building a strong and supportive community. 

This highly choice-based and integrated approach means that at every stage, participants drive their own clinical care. 

As individuals stabilize their physiological health, they try out more services and begin to experience improved self-esteem, which points the way to self-actualization.

Key Initiatives

Aging Gay Men & HIV

Support for survivors

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HepC Program

Curing HepC today

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Hear from participants about the Dr. Peter Centre

Darrel's story

Inside the Dr. Peter Centre

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Grace's Story

Inside the Dr. Peter Centre

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