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There’s A Thin Line That Separates Those On The Margins Of Society From The Mainstream.

Some people believe that line is actually a wall---one that protects ‘us’ from ‘them’, and that blocks us from seeing the despair and tragedy that lives, struggles and dies on the other side.

But in reality, that line is not a wall, nor is it ever far from any of us, no matter who we are, or where we live.

We know that line very well because we cross it every day. It’s called our front door. And it opens into a place dedicated to turning that line into the leading edge of progressive health care.

You’ll find our building at the crossroads of Thurlow and Comox. But where we really live is at the intersection of science and compassion. And although our building may only be four storeys high, when it comes to the impact we have made on thousands of lives, and our reputation in the health care community, it casts a long shadow.

Everything we do is based on the simple premise that whatever chaos happens outside our walls, inside here, humanity prevails.

Welcome to the Dr. Peter Centre.


Dr. Peter Jepson-Young was a young, gay Vancouver physician. He had compassion, bravery, joie de vivre. And AIDS

He chronicled his personal battle with the disease through the Dr. Peter Diaries, a weekly video diary that aired on CBC. Shortly before his death in 1992, he established the Dr. Peter Centre with the mission of providing comfort care to people living with HIV/AIDS.

Just as HIV/AIDS has evolved, so have we. That's why our care model is based on Dr. Peter's Belief that it's not AIDS that you treat. It's the Person.


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