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The Dr. Peter Centre transforms lives and communities by bringing humanity and healthcare to those sidelined by society. 

Everything we do is based on the simple premise that whatever chaos happens outside our walls, inside here, humanity heals.

Our day health program serves over 500 participants, providing hot meals, therapeutic programs (including art, music, and recreation), counselling, and special programs for women and Indigenous people. While the majority of our participants are living with HIV/AIDS, they also face various physical and mental health challenges, among them substance use, homelessness and stigma. 

Our clinical team sees over 40,000 health visits annually, and since 2002, we've been internationally recognized as the first health care facility in North America to integrate supervised injection services into its model of care. 

Our 24-hour licensed care facility offers comprehensive medical support for participants with highly complex medical and social needs, often providing their first stable home in years. 

There is no single prescription that can break the cycle of addiction, or cure the layered trauma that many of our participants carry with them. Yet of all the treatments we provide, one of the most powerful medicines is love.

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