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Reflections: A very merry Christmas

Do you believe?

In 1960 there was a TV program called Santa and his Magic Telescope. It was filmed in the North Pole where Santa lives.

Nancy, Peter's sister who was 5 years old, had just come home from hospital. She had been very ill, having undergone a tracheotomy and was still very frail.

I wrote to Monty McFarlane (who played Santa) and told him of her illness. what she hoped for Christmas and also told him about Peter, her little brother, who was just 3 years old.

One afternoon we were watching the program – Nancy was laying on the living room couch watching TV when Santa looked through his magic telescope directly at her.

“And there’s Nancy Young. She’s just come home from hospital. She was a very sick little girl and she was a very brave little girl. Nancy, I think Santa will be able to bring the toys you’ve asked for."

Then he swung the telescope around and pointed it directly at Peter who was sitting by the fireplace – mouth open in wonderment.

“And there’s her little brother, Peter. Now, Peter, you must be very kind to Nancy – be sure you don’t tease her and if you’re very good Santa will see what he can do to bring you the toys you are hoping for.”

I sat watching with tears pouring down my face. I was certain that no one could ever convince Peter there was no Santa Claus.

I think he was in his teens when he was ready to admit that Santa Claus didn’t exist.