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Nutrition Month: Food is harm reduction

"This is my community...the meals are my reason to get out of bed, take a shower, and put on clean clothes if I have them. They are the reason I'm alone less." - Dr. Peter participant

During the month of March, the Dr. Peter Centre is honouring Nutrition Month by illustrating the importance of food and why it's a critical part of harm reduction through weekly posts.

At the Dr. Peter Centre, food is critical for people living with HIV. It fulfils necessary nutritional requirements and allows participants to socialize and connect in a warm community of care.

For those who are underserved and living with HIV, food isn’t always at hand. Having access to food decreases the level of anxiety for participants. Having food means you’re able to make your doctor’s appointment. It takes living to another level. 

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When you donate to our food program, you're providing a warm and hearty meal to our participants. $50 provides 10 nutritious meals, To donate, click here.