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Programs and Services

Programs and Services
Maintaining dignity, improving health and supporting medication adherence

The Dr. Peter Centre uses an interdisciplinary model of care with programs and services designed to engage people in their health care. With a specific goal of improved adherence to HIV treatment, our focus is on helping our clients improve their overall health, which we achieve through a personalized approach. The Centre provides three core programs:


Day Health Program

Our seven-day-a-week day health program provides a therapeutic environment with multiple entry points to ensure uninterrupted engagement in treatment, including:

  • Adherence to anti-retroviral therapy (HIV medication) and other medications;
  • Access to advanced nursing care and nutrient-rich meals;
  • Use of counselling, recreation, art and music therapies;
  • A safe place for social engagement and peer interaction.

Specialized Nursing Care Residence Program

Our 24-hour licensed care residence provides specialized nursing care for adults with HIV and complex health issues, including mental illness and addiction. The program includes:

  • Short-term stabilization;
  • Transition from hospital back into the community;
  • Long-stay;
  • Compassionate end-of-life care and support.

Enhanced Supportive Housing Program

Enhanced supportive housing is our newest program, offering individual furnished suites within the footpath of the Dr. Peter Centre for clients transitioning out of our residence into the community. Our staff team provides a series of customized supports, including:

  • Case management;
  • Housekeeping;
  • Individualized life skills support.

Within our three programs, the Centre offers a variety of theraputic services. Some of those services include:

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Programs and Services
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