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The Hangout

The Hangout
The second annual Hangout event was a huge success!

Now in its second year, the Hangout raises funds for the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation and promotes awareness about HIV in the community. This year, the Hangout featured some of the city’s most celebrated DJs for an afternoon T-dance at the Helm on June 5th.

The Hangout was started last year by Perry Boldt and Ricardo Coral – two successful young professionals who approached the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation with the idea for the event. “I’m very passionate about making a difference in my community,” Perry explains. “The work that the Dr. Peter Centre does is really in line with my values and I felt that doing an event to benefit the Centre would be a great way to provide some financial support while introducing people in my social network to the important work the Centre does.”

For Ricardo, a well-known event promoter, the Hangout was a perfect fit: “When we came up with the idea of doing a fundraising event, I immediately thought this was the perfect way that I could contribute. The Hangout allowed me to use my talents to bring the community together and make a difference.”

This year, Perry and Ricardo were joined in organizing the event by Trevor Loke, the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation’s new Development and Sustainability Officer, and Rich Overgaard, who serves on the Foundation’s Communications Committee.

For Rich, the Hangout is a piece of a larger puzzle: “I think it’s important that gay men in our demographic know about the sacrifices that their predecessors made in terms of fighting for basic things like civil rights, visibility and the right to live their lives free of discrimination or stigma. I think the Hangout encourages guys to reflect on their shared history and feel grateful for the advantages they enjoy today.”

“The Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation stands for what so many in the community believe in: acceptance, compassion, care and service,” says Trevor. “The Hangout not only supports the amazing work of the Foundation, it’s also a powerful reminder of what we can do when we come together as a community.”

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The Hangout
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