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Richard's Story

Richard's Story

Whether he’s introducing friends to his dog, “Butterball”, or running every day in the gym to stay healthy, Richard is an inspiring participant in our Day Health program.Richard has maintained a positive outlook in the face of health challenges that many people would not have survived.

In 1993, Richard’s long-term partner passed away from AIDS, and he found out shortly after that he was HIV-positive. 

He had put off getting tested because he was afraid it would affect his goal to get through school at UBC, where he graduated with honours in Cell Biology.

Richard had a bout of pneumonia in 1996, which he survived due to the introduction of new HIV medication.

In 2001, he was diagnosed with colon cancer, but he was able to beat the disease. And, in 2013, he had heart transplant surgery, from which he has since recovered.

He attributes his ability to recover from these health challenges so quickly to the Dr. Peter Centre and the many programs it offers. As Richard says, “It’s an exciting time to be alive.”

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Richard's Story
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