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Maureen, Volunteer

Maureen, Volunteer
"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift - that's why we call it the present."

Why did you choose these words?

I treasure every day. Some people worry about the past and the future, but that’s too much. We can’t do anything about them. I believe in focusing on today.

How do they relate to your experience at the Dr. Peter Centre?

I make the most out of every day, and I’m a people person. I enjoy being in the kitchen as a volunteer, but I enjoy cleaning tables even more because I get to talk to clients and hear their amazing stories.

What led you to the Dr. Peter Centre?

I used to be a physiotherapist at St. Paul’s Hospital and worked with clients with a similar background to many of the clients at the Dr. Peter Centre. I knew about the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation when it was still in one of the wings of the hospital. Shirley, Dr. Peter’s mother, came and spoke to my church about the Foundation. I wanted to volunteer at the Dr. Peter Centre when I retired because the clients were, and are, a lot like the patients I worked with in the hospital, and I liked working with them.

What is most important about the Dr. Peter Centre to you?

Acceptance. People feel accepted at the Dr. Peter Centre. They have company and aren’t lonely or isolated. They have access to nursing and nutrition and help with housing and medication. They have access to programs including art therapy, music therapy and recreation therapy that let them pursue what they would like to do. These many facets of care are helping them to live longer and better lives.

What would you like people to know about the Dr. Peter Centre?

The Dr. Peter Centre is an amazing place for volunteers. We are accepted and cared about. We feel that we can make a difference and we are welcomed by the staff and clients. And, volunteering at the Dr. Peter Centre is fun!

What would you like people to know about HIV?

Individuals who have HIV are living a lot longer because of medication and nutrition. HIV is not something you can get by being at the Centre. We shouldn’t judge people with HIV, because it can happen to anyone.

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Maureen, Volunteer
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