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Katherine, Volunteer and Supporter

Katherine, Volunteer and Supporter
“Passionate, committed, whole heart, love, family.”

Why did you choose these words?

Our love and support for the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation is rooted in our whole family. The support, care, and compassion provided at the Dr. Peter Centre is the reason we continue to be involved and engaged with the Centre. With our whole hearts we will remain committed to the Centre, Bob and Shirley and the entire staff, who provide love, a family and safe place for so many people. 

How do they relate to your experience at the Dr. Peter Centre?

The energy I get from being at the Dr. Peter Centre is enough to fill my whole heart with LOVE for an entire week! It is such a rewarding experience to spend time getting to know everyone there. 

What is most important about the Dr. Peter Centre to you?

The community created by the Dr. Peter Centre and its staff has made it a place of home and security for people who need it the most. It feels like a family to us now too. 

What would you like people to know about the Dr. Peter Centre?

I always say, “One visit and you’re hooked.” It takes only one visit to feel the impact of the Dr. Peter Centre on both the clients it serves and the people who volunteer and support the organization. I always leave thinking, “When can I go back?”

What would you like people to know about HIV and AIDS?

The work that the Dr. Peter Centre does, as well as the work that individuals, such as Julio Montaner and other organizations are doing in HIV and AIDS research are bringing us closer to an “AIDS–free” generation. That language is incredibly inspiring. The Dr. Peter Centre supports those living with HIV but it also creates awareness around future issues surrounding HIV. 

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Katherine, Volunteer and Supporter
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