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Grace, Data Reporting and Evaluation Officer

Grace, Data Reporting and Evaluation Officer
"Good boots and a grateful heart."

Why did you choose these words?

I chose my words to reflect both where I come from and how I hope to move forward. Growing up in the American South with a very outdoorsy family, I learned that you should always be prepared and well-equipped to deal with any situation. Sensible shoes are a smart way to start; they keep you grounded and well-supported (just like my family). A grateful heart means being filled with joy and wonder, while also staying connected to the world around you. Hopefully, this is the direction my boots are pointed!

What led you to the Dr. Peter Centre?

From Tennessee, I went to Princeton University where I studied Spanish language and culture. In my studies I travelled and studied throughout Latin America. I was drawn to the many varied ways that we tell stories about who we are and how the world turns. After graduation I had a two-year fellowship to work in urban New Delhi and rural Thailand with community-based health care organizations in development and education.

I loved the vibrancy and resiliency of these small community-based organizations and their ability to innovate with limited resources. Working alongside direct recipients of services meant that together we could create and design programming that would make an immediate impact. I then applied my love of languages to the knowledge translation work necessary to communicate successes and challenges to funders and other organizations using the evaluation language of outcomes and indicators.

The stars aligned when I moved to Vancouver and I found the Dr. Peter Centre. Since starting here in 2010, I’ve had a variety of positions and responsibilities and I’ve completed my Masters in Public Health at Simon Fraser University. Currently, I’m happily applying my experience and education in the Research and Evaluation department.

What would you like people to know about the Dr. Peter Centre?

While we often talk about our impact using numbers, each statistic and success represents a person at a specific point in their life. It is important that while general trends in health point towards success, we recognize the people and pathways behind the numbers. We should celebrate success and at the same time ensure support to all those who struggle at the moment with their health for multiple and ongoing reasons.

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Grace, Data Reporting and Evaluation Officer
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