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Diane, Volunteer

Diane, Volunteer
"89% of life is showing up."

Why did you choose these words?

I felt that this quote imparted a valuable reminder to us all - participants, volunteers and staff. My hope is that we think about it not just in the literal sense (although that is an important first step), but in a bigger sense and see the value of really showing up with the intention of being present, listening, sharing, learning, growing, supporting each other and celebrating the unique gifts each of us has to offer to the world. It seems to me that the more we would practice doing this, the happier and richer our lives would be.

What led you to the Dr. Peter Centre?

Even before the mayor of Vancouver thought it was just about time for the good people of Vancouver to step up their community involvement, I had been pondering where I could most usefully and happily do my small part. "What better place", I reasoned, "than in my own neighbourhood within walking distance, at a Centre like the Dr. Peter Centre, which has helped to save and transform so many lives."

What is most important about the Dr. Peter Centre to you?

The Dr. Peter Centre serves as a reminder that, in the inimitable words of the Beatles in their song, "I Am the Walrus": "I am he and you are he and you are me and we are all together."  

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Diane, Volunteer
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