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David, Resident

David, Resident
"Light, wind, freedom, choice, me..."

Why did you choose these words?

That is the way the world is. This is all there is when it comes down to our existence and choices.

How do they relate to your experience at the Dr. Peter Centre?

At the Dr. Peter Centre, you have the freedom to be yourself and who you are.

How did you come to the Dr. Peter Centre?

I came in a wheelchair from the street. I couldn’t move my ankle, and I was stuck sitting in one place for days. Jane, a Dr. Peter Centre staff member, picked me up and brought me to the Centre. I’ve been here for eight years.

What is most important about the Dr. Peter Centre to you?

It is the only place where I could find shelter. I tried for years to find a place to live and spent most of my time walking everywhere.

What do you want the community to know about the Dr. Peter Centre?

I have friends who won’t come by. There is stigma about people who live here. They don’t understand. But, I stick up for this place.

What do you want people to know about HIV and AIDS?

I’m not worried about HIV and dying of it. I’m more worried about being limited in where I can go.

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David, Resident
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