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Monthly Ambassador

Monthly Ambassador
Make the leap from donor to ambassador.

The new Ambassador Program is a unique new program that lets you harness the power of your personal network to make a significant difference where it is needed. It’s simple! Sign up to be a monthly donor. Once you do that, you can invite five friends through email to do the same. We’ve even written the email for you!


For Gord Baizley, CFO of Vision Critical and Board of Directors, Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation, the Dr. Peter Ambassador Program is a new way to think about giving.


“When I used to think about donating to a charity it was always about big amounts – amounts that I didn’t have. With the Ambassador Program, I can give what I can and see it make a big difference.”


“The idea is to ask people to give what they can afford – maybe it’s only $10 a month. But, when someone recruits five of their friends to match that it turns into $720 a year – if those five people each ask five of their friends, that’s $3,720 a year. It really adds up!”


“I know a lot of people in their 20s and 30s really want to support us – but they get stuck thinking that all they can do is a drop in the bucket, so they just shy away completely. This way you can make a big splash. And it really helps us because it provides stable and predictable funding – which means we can do more for the people we serve.”


“The other part of it is, it’s tax deductible! Think about the enormous difference you can make in people’s lives for the cost of a couple of cappuccinos a month.”


How does it work?

How can I amplify my contribution?

Make the leap from a donor to an Ambassador.


What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is somebody who not only donates on a monthly basis, but someone who also believes in the cause enough to recruit others to donate - who may even become Ambassadors themselves - creating a powerful multiplication effect. An ambassador is a social entrepreneur - someone who is creative in inspiring this multiplication.


Imagine that you invite five of your friends to join and they invite five more of their friends. At just $10 a month, your network's combined contribution quickly adds up to $3,720 a year!


How do I sign up for a donor account?

A donor account for the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation is automatically created once you make an online donation. Your email address is used to identify you and to track your donations and the donations of those you have referred.


What can I do in the donors area?

The donors area allows you to introduce the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation to your friends and colleagues by effectively creating a donation network with you at the top.

Here, you can also track your donations and those from your donation network.


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Monthly Ambassador
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